Drought In Gunnedah

Drought In Gunnedah

The drought has affected so many farming communities throughout New South Wales. Life on the land is never easy, but with 99.3 percent of New South Wales declared as in drought or heading towards drought, it’s clear farmers are really suffering. Farmers need support, and thankfully over recent months, there has been action both at a government level and a local level. Here in Gunnedah, the local community has really banded together to support farming families with a series of fundraising efforts.

Gunnedah Drought Fundraisers

de-stress, get away from the mundane of feeding cattle and watering cattle and come and do something as a family that costs absolutely nothing”.

And a fundraising afternoon tea hosted by the CWA raised $451 for the local community.

  • Tying in with the school holidays, PCYC NSW hosted a free Fun For Kids event in Gunnedah on October 5. Aiming to help young people forget about their troubles , the day included plenty of sports, a barbeque and a movie.

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As proud Gunnedah locals, we try and help out our local farmers whenever we can. Whether it’s with a donation or lending a helping hand, we are here to support the community.